Sunday, May 8, 2011

BlackBerry Bold 9000 - 1 month used and lady-owned

The unit is 100% defect-less, 99% smooth and 99% scratch free.

Package (purchased in Spain) includes:

- 1 BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smartphone
- 1 BlackBerry Box
- 1 BlackBerry Pocket (Black leather, bought in Hong Kong)
- 1 Original BlackBerry Data Cable
- 1 Original BlackBerry Charger
- 1 BlackBerry User Tools CD
- 1 BlackBerry User Manual

For phone specifications, visit:


Price: PHP 10000

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I AM by Lifestone

Do you know who made the sun?
Where you there to see the light?
Have you seen my face?
I’m not ready to come down

I’ve known you from the start
You shine like the stars
I know where you are
And I know where you hide

And I love you more than life

I gave my only son
Just to take away your sins
Taking all your shame
Is that enough for you to love me?
Love me one more time
and you'll see how great I am
cause' I am your life

Who lifted you when you’re down?
Who made you bold and stand?
Did you ever thank me for what I've done?
I only need your heart

Praise me with all your heart
Do things for me with love
I am here to be loved
And I am here to love you

And I love you more than life

Rep. Chor:

I am the God of love
I am the everlasting love
cause' I am
Your life…

This is the first song we recorded for our upcoming debut album. Please feel free to post suggestions or reactions for the lyrics. Thank you.